Simon Storvik-Green


Simon Storvik-Green

Simon Storvik-Green is a languages specialist with four years of experience in the insurance industry.

His initial training within Enstar involved work in the claims and internal audit teams, as well as assisting Cranmore on specific projects.  Simon's ability to speak Norwegian, Danish and Swedish fluently and having an advanced knowledge of German and a basic knowledge of Dutch, has enabled him to be involved in a number of languages related projects since joining Cranmore full-time, chiefly in Scandinavia. These have included binder and third party administrator reviews, due dilligence and industry benchmarking.

In addition to the above, Simon has also lived and worked in Norway, Denmark and Germany and, as such, has a broad cultural and professional knowledge of these areas.

Job Summary

Simon graduated in 2008 with a BA (Hons) degree in German and Politics from the University of Kent and entered the insurance industry in 2009, when he joined Enstar (EU) Ltd as a graduate trainee. Simon joined Cranmore in 2011 as an auditor.

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